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sehun putting on lip balm ´ε`

the way he laughs and puts his hand up…>.<

Fluffy Sehun is taking selcas (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


trying to leave a fandom

sehun pls control your mouth

Conceal, don’t feel. Don’t let them know.

"[With Elsa, it] definitely was intentional to show anxiety and depression." - JENNIFER LEE (x)


sehunf's new haircut

63/ edits of Oh Sehun casually ruining my life.


i want to do sehun

i want to lick sehun

i want to touch sehun

i want to hug sehun

i want to not kiss sehun

i want to pet sehun

i want to fuck sehun

i want to kick sehun

Happy 28th Birthday Shin Donghee 

suju 101: how to head bang